Seven Seals is the project of Martin von Auen ., with which they have tried to captivate the listener since their start in December 2004. 
It all began with a cover version of the „Herbergsvater“ by Joachim Witt. When Martin von Auen collaborated with Nik Page, Songs of Lemuria, and newly arranged the song “Meer” and released it on the album “Klavier”, this version of the “Herbergsvater” caught the attention of Witt, who insisted on thanking Martin von Auen personally.

This set the ball rolling and was the starting point for the collaboration with other artists of the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German wave): Hubert Kah, Frl. Menke, ixi, Paso Doble, Geier Sturzflug, Michael Flexig, Peter Behrens, UKW, to name but a few, were all eager to re-record their old songs with the Seven Seals. The songs were then released on the album “NDW goes Industrial”. 
The cover versions of Falco’s “Amadeus” and Eurythmics’ song “Sweet Dreams” were even successful in Amerika, where “White Hair Productions” used them in their movie “Maybe Tomorrow”. The film was among the first place winners of the independent film festival in Illinois. 
In Canada Seven Seals is one of the German bands whose songs are most frequently played by the radio station CKCUFM. 
Their own songs are strongly guitar-driven. The guitar is played by Tommy Feiler, who is known due to his collaboration with Vicky Vomit or Blitzz. Also other artists from the German music scene appreciate the collaboration with Martin von Auen, for example Hanno Bruhn (Dieter Krebs/Frank Zander), who ordered Martin for the Song “Ohne ein Wort”, which is sung by Yvonne Wölke (German TV Soap: Cobra 11/ Tatort and many more). 

Seven Seals managed to be in the top ten of the radio station „Schwarzes Brandenburg“ for over one year, and even stayed on top of the listener charts for 25 weeks. 
The Seven Seals cover a wide range of music. But listen and get your own impression

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